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ProPoint Façades, established in France 2005

ProPoint Façades are specialising in traditional repointing, high pressure repointing, coloured rendering, and external wall insulation, so if you are building a new house, or renovating an old cottage or château, ProPoint has an answer to meet your needs, and make your walls look amazing. If you are thinking of enhancing the aesthetics of your building, getting rid of old, dropping off, unhandsome render and upgrading the thermal efficiency of the walls, ProPoint Façades is your best bet. If over the years decay and weathering has created gaps in the joints of your building, ProPoint Façades can help you here too. If your house could do with keeping the maximum habitable space while needing some insulation, ProPoint Facades will insulate the exterior of the building.

Pointing / Repointing

Pro-Point Façades offers a professional pointing and repointing service, which includes full exterior façades and interior walls, using the very best mortar pump that injects the product under pressure, thus filling all joints and cavities. We also offer traditional hand repointing. Repointing of stone or brick walls is possibly the most significant element to maintaining the health of the wall and enhancing its appearance. The correct repointing can assist in waterproofing and stabilizing the structure, extend the life of the wall and individual stones and enhance the visual qualities of natural stone and brick walls. Pre-mixed mortar is excellent for repointing; it comes in a choice of cement-based, lime-based and lime and cement mix, according to the needs, and is available in a wide range of colours. We use renowned mortars such as Saint-Astier, Weber or VPI, which are specially formulated to achieve excellent waterproofing, high breathability, elasticity and vibrant colours finishes.


ProPoint Façades offers a professional wall render service which includes full exterior rendering projects, garages, garden walls, whatever your property requires. Our wall render service has a range of exterior coloured renders to give you maximum choice and to suit your home. Monocouche or coloured rendering provides walls with both protection and a very long lasting, attractive finish in your chosen colour. We can render any surface, block, brick, stone wood or polystyrene. Conventional methods involve the application of two coats onto an exterior wall that then needs decorating by either painting or coating. Monocouche renders can often be applied in one coat and because your chosen colour is within the render itself, it never has to be painted again. Our wall renders are very long lasting. Their application can incorporate a flexible mesh to minimise cracking on properties that may be prone to movement. Established manufacturers, such as Saint-Astier, provide our wall renders.

Exterior walls insulation

Pro Point Façades offers a professional exterior insulating service, when interior insulation isn’t the best choice, when your interior is already decorated, for example, and you don’t wish to rip it out, or you’re not keen to lose on your habitable surface. This method creates an envelope around the building that protects it from water infiltration and differences in temperature, increasing the warmth inside in the winter, and therefore reducing your heating bill, while you will be more comfortable, and your interior will not have been reduced or damaged. It will improve the sound resistance and renew the appearance of outer walls while increasing the life of your walls by protecting the brickwork. External wall insulation involves fixing a layer of insulation material to the wall, then covering it with a special type of render or cladding. To find out more about this product, you can contact us to make an appointment to discuss it.


Propoint Façades offers a mobile sandblasting service. We sandblast wood, metal, stone and brick.

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